Random Thoughts from a Wandering Mind


Here’s a collection of things that have been rattling around inside my brain lately. They’re in no particular order and follow no real theme, but such is the world inside my head.

  • As my brother Steve and I were throwing our cast nets recently, I thought, “Hey, this is what Simon and Andrew were doing when they met Jesus.” Then I looked around real quick just to make sure He wasn’t standing there. Then I looked again, out of habit, to make sure a wildlife officer wasn’t either.
  • I wonder what would happen if all the people arguing about politics and religion actually went to church and voted.
  • Why do mullet jump? As far as I know, biologists are still debating that, but I’m pretty sure the dolphins appreciate it regardless.
  • This morning, when homeowners all around Atlanta turned on their lawn sprinklers, I wonder how many realized they’re killing the Apalachicola River so that their grass doesn’t turn a lighter shade of green.
  • I refuse to call dolphin (the fish) “mahi mahi” just so that tourists don’t think they’re eating Flipper.

    Some of the less fortunate pigeons served their country as dinner.

  • Doves may be the symbol of peace, but their bigger cousins, pigeons, have earned more wartime animal commendations (who knew that was a thing?) than any other species. So says The Military Channel, anyway. Pigeons were used as couriers and were recognized for their “bravery.” From the birds’ perspective, I think it mattered that they were just trying to get back to the place where nobody was shooting at them.
  • It wasn’t a Daisy, but Lewis & Clark carried a repeating air rifle with them on their Corps of Discovery Expedition. A curator of the NRA Museum believes it helped convince the Native Americans not to attack the company on its way to the Pacific and back.  (www.nramuseum.com) Why? It was a .46 caliber that could fire 20 or so rounds without losing power or accuracy. (And, yet we fought with single-shot rifles for several more decades.)

    The ones with “Red Ryder” carved in the stock cost a little more.


  • I used to think that the green-backed bait fish we use were called “L-Ys.” I couldn’t figure out how they got that name. Now I know their actual name is “alewives” – but I don’t know how they got that name either.
  • Looking back on it, getting a new deep-fryer probably wasn’t the most helpful thing I could do to meet my weight-loss goals. On the upside, I am eating more fish.
  • I like gigging flounder for the same reason I like net fishing: No enticement or bait is needed. The fish don’t need to be biting; they just need to be there.

    Bait? We don’t need no stinkin’ bait!

  • Pictures mean nothing. The reason I know Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) don’t exist is because nobody in Northwest Florida has ever mentioned how they taste.  And nobody I know was ever arrested for shooting one out of season.


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