Random Thoughts from a Wandering Mind: Volume 2

Random thoughts

Here are some highlights from the discussions I’ve been having with myself lately, presented in no particular order:


  • I hate it when someone’s first deer is bigger than any I’ve ever killed. I especially hate it when it’s a kid . . . or my boss.
  • I’ve come to realize that these days I’m only carrying a comb in my pocket for sentimental reasons. I’d probably be better off trading it for a small tube of sunblock for the top of my head.
  • I believe if the Good Lord had sent no-see-ums to Egypt, He wouldn’t have needed more than one plague. Pharaoh would have not only freed the Jews, he probably would have wandered in the desert himself to get some relief.
  • Instead of background checks for potential gun buyers, why don’t we mandate background checks for would-be parents? That would prevent more crime and probably head off a lot of other problems as well.
  • Having a garage sale is a good reminder that all those little trinkets you paid a fortune for are pretty much worthless in the final analysis.
  • An Australian Cattle Dog is a terrific pet – if you have cattle or live in Australia. I don’t, but I’ve got a red heeler that would make the Dog Whisperer scream obscenities. Just an FYI, Cesar, hissing at a dog that’s bred to get kicked by cows isn’t all that effective.
  • Every time Mary watches American Idol, I have to wonder what the judges would have to say to a young Gregg Allman. No doubt Willie Nelson would have been sent home early and Bob Dylan would have been on the gag reel.
  • I’ve heard that back in the ‘60s, my grandfather, Daddy Mac, would get so mad watching the news that he would occasionally throw a shoe at the television. Mother Mac would remind him that he had a heart condition and try to get him to calm down. I don’t throw shoes, but Mary has suggested recently that my anger over the news might be a bit excessive.
  • I’d probably be a better person if I could focus as intensely on a church sermon as I can on a fishing cork.
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