Praise for the Periwinkle II: A Quarter Century of Great Fishing

Periwinkle II

My father-in-law’s boat, the Periwinkle II, has been a part of his family longer than I have. He might add that it has been more useful and productive as well.

The Periwinkle is a 36-foot Tiara Pursuit with a custom flying bridge that’s made to be lowered when traveling under the actual bridge over the mouth of Bayou Texar. Fred got the boat in 1987 — three years before he got me in 1990 — and in the years since, countless tons of fish have been hauled on board. In fact, fishermen on the Periwinkle have won first place in a number of tournaments including the Destin Fishing Rodeo and the Pensacola Junior Angler’s tournament multiple times.

It’s also been smashed against the rocks during Hurricane Ivan, had a hole knocked in its hull, lost a prop to an unmarked oyster bar and survived numerous other close encounters. Despite all that, you’d be hard pressed to find another boat that has provided as much sheer joy as this one.

Now that the Periwinkle has turned 25, I thought it would be cool to post a few pictures of some of its highlights. (I also thought this would take less time and effort than writing a real story. I was wrong.)

There have been many more fish, much larger fish and hundreds of other people, but here’s a small sampling the many great memories that have been made on this boat. Thanks to Fred Donovan and the Periwinkle II for 25 great years.

Niece Molly and cousin/captain Joe Donovan with a grouper she caught that was nearly as big as she is.


Me, along with my nephew Ben and brother Steve with our wahoos and Ben’s tuna. This is the day we knocked a hole in the side of the Periwinkle . . . on the way out.














This is the same day, showing all the fish we caught. Son Jimmy and his friend Juan caught a “mess” of triple-tails that day, and we saw a whale.



Daughter Ella with her snapper in the Jr. Angler tournament.







Boat owner, father-in-law and permanent captain, Fred Donovan (left) after a good day on the snapper.

Brother-in-law and bluegrass engineer Freddy Donovan with Captain Joe and a nice amberjack caught by cousin Justin Donovan (ducking in back). Matt Davis is on the far right.

Big snapper, big grouper, big hair and a bad hat.





My lovely wife Mary, ready for a 15-hour day of fishing.


Cousin Dan Talmadge, me, Ben, Steve and cousin Millicent Charbonnet with snapper and amberjack.


Yours truly with a grouper from last weekend.

Nephew Jeff, sister-in-law Onaleah and brother Bill on a recent trip.


What has been seen can never be unseen! Joe’s Christmas card photo from a couple of years back. Seriously.

The Periwinkle II owned the leader board at last year’s Jr. Angler tournament. It was the second time this crew dominated the tournament.


* * *

Many thanks to Joe Donovan and Andy Lindsey for a lot of great trips with them at the helm. Thanks to Joe also for allowing me to use so many of his pictures without his permission.

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