Kayak-tion with Terry Tucker

Terry kayak2

Where’s the best place to use a kayak? In conversation, as far as I’m concerned. I can’t help but think sharks and gators consider a kayak little more than a hard candy shell with a delicious, chewy filling in the middle.

Obviously that opinion is not shared by my friend Terry Tucker. Click on the link to see him landing a redfish on his. Terry’s Redfish

In addition to being an avid fisherman, Terry is also a veteran videographer/editor/producer. Among his credits are several outdoor programs, one of which required him to stand completely still while taping in freezing weather during an Arkansas duck hunt.

Terry and I spent many, many hours working together on television commercials, videos and shows, but the best time I ever had with him was when he took me to catch my first cobia.

PS — Had I been on a kayak that day, the trip might have ended in Mexico.

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