FWC’s New Boat Ramp Finder


Back in the days when I had money instead of children, my friend Lee and I took our old 15-foot Angler (the POS II) down the Aucilla River in Jefferson County for a day of flats fishing. The problem is that we had never been down the Aucilla before and we decided randomly to launch at the ramp on the north side of US 98. Just looking at the map, we figured it would take us about the same amount of time as traveling down the St. Marks River just a few miles back to the west.

As was the case on so many occasions, we figured wrong.

I’m told that it’s a beautiful ride down that part of the river, but I wouldn’t know because I spent the better part of the morning staring into the black water trying to guide us around the massive limestone rocks and outcroppings that kept us from going more than about five miles per hour. When we finally got nearer to the mouth of the river, we discovered another boat ramp — the one used by people who actually wanted to be on the flats before noon.

My hat’s off to the folks at Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) for creating a page to help folks like Lee and me avoid the same fate in the future. It’s a boat ramp finder that maps out the locations of Florida’s boat launch facilities in each county. If you look in the “Useful Links” section of this blog (down on the lower right hand side), you’ll notice that I’ve added it. So, if you ever need to find a ramp, visit this blog or bookmark https://public.myfwc.com/LE/boatramp/public/default.aspx.

The only question in my mind was why they couldn’t have made this site available all those years ago. And then I remember: The Internet didn’t exist yet.

To the folks at FWC, well done and thanks!

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