Batter Up! Batter Pro is My New Favorite Thing

Fish batterer

Most of you know that I don’t take any money from people who want favorable reviews of their products. It’s not that I won’t. It’s just that nobody’s offered yet. If that happens, you can bet I’ll sell out faster than Hulk Hogan and Troy Aikman. But for now at least, you can be sure that when I write about a product, it’s because I like it.

And I like the “Batter Pro” made by Cajun Injector. The reason is because it makes it easier to batter a lot of fish in a hurry without wasting a bunch of meal or flour or fish fry mix. You also don’t have the small chunks at bottom of the grease, being cooked down to their constituent elements and making the cooking oil smell like somebody’s burning tires.

As you can tell from the picture, the Batter Pro is so simple and effective it makes me a little mad that I didn’t invent it. In fact, I had never even heard of it until my brother Steve whipped one out a couple of years ago and all of us ooh-ed and aah-ed over it for a while. (In our family, an innovation in fish-frying technology is as significant as a new medical breakthrough.)

All you do is put the batter and fish in one side, put the “strainer” and the top on, and shake vigorously. When you turn it upside down, the batter goes to the bottom and perfectly coated fish stay on the top.

To fully appreciate the Batter Pro, you need to be the kind of person who has fish fries pretty often. And notice I didn’t say, “The kind of person who fries fish pretty often.” The latter is an activity. The former is an event in which 10, 50 or even 100 people have entrusted you to fill their plates and their bellies with the catch of the day. Usually, this means you’re in a hurry and under a lot of pressure not to screw up everybody’s dinner.

The good thing about doing the cooking is that, for a brief period of time, lots of people are concerned with your comfort and well-being.

The Batter Pro keeps you from having to reach your wet hands into a paper sack filled with a flour/meal mixture, dig around for the next fish or fillet, and come out with your fingers covered in what amounts to papier-mache. If you’ve done that, you realize how frustrating it can be to have one side of the fish clumped with too much batter, while the other side is bare. There’s also the problem of hundreds of would-be hushpuppies burning and bumping along the bottom.

If you already know about this miraculous device, then this post is old news and I don’t need to tell you that it is a lifesaver when you have to cook a lot of fish in a hurry. But if you don’t have one, you can find them at Academy Sports (and many other places) fairly cheap.

And to the folks at Cajun Injector who make the Batter Pro, I offer you my heartiest thanks — along with premium ad space on Outdoors Down South if you ever feel compelled to write a check!


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