A Milestone for Outdoors Down South


Thanks to all of you who have read Outdoors Down South, especially those of you who have subscribed (and are subjected to emails about new posts.)  According to WordPress, the blog platform I use, Outdoors Down South has now reached 25,000 page views since I started it March.

Just in case you’re keeping a count, there have been 77 posts (including this one). The most popular so far was about the gator that Lane Stephens got on Lake Talquin. That 14-foot monster wound up making news all over America. Not to toot my own horn but Outdoors Down South was the first “media” to break the news. (I’m sure some of my reporter friends are having seizures since I referred to this blog as media!)

If you’re in or around my hometown of Blountstown, you also may have noticed that the Calhoun-Liberty Journal is now running a weekly Outdoors Down South column, featuring the stories you find here. That’s thanks to my new friend, CLJ publisher Teresa Eubanks, who has managed to edit out the more objectionable content. So if you get a chance, pick up a copy and support your local newspapers.

Once again, thanks to all of you who read, comment and subscribe to Outdoors Down South. Please share with anyone who is interested and encourage them to subscribe as well.

I appreciate it!

I’ll never be as popular as the Gangnam Style guy, but I’m okay with that!


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