25 Things That Have Never Been Said at Iamonia Lake Hunting and Fishing Club

Clubhouse small

The Iamonia Lake Hunting and Fishing Club in Calhoun County was founded back in 1934. Since then, hundreds of members have told thousands of great stories around the clubhouse. Dozens of them were probably true. But here are 25 things I’m willing to bet have never been said in the Club’s 78-year history.

  • “Fried fish is overrated.”
  • “Grab me a Perrier from the ice chest.”
  • “Go reboot the server.”
  • “Turn it up. I love Lady Gaga.”
  • “I just couldn’t bring myself to shoot that big buck.”
  • “Does this make my butt look big?”
  •  “Bromance.”
  • “Why, yes, please tell me how you did it in Boston.”
  •  “Who wants a smoothie?”
  • “The boots are Gucci, but I got the gloves from Armani.”
  • “No thanks. I’m a vegan.”
  • “What we need is more government and fewer guns.”
  • “Who’s up for charades?”
  • “Let’s hug it out.”
  •  “I’d like a caramel macchiato venti.”
  • “According to feng shui, antlers go on the east wall.”
  • “Hey, guys! I’m catching a lot of fish. Get over here.”
  • “Make sure to drain the fat off that meat.”
  • “Chardonnay?”
  • “Cancel my 3 o’clock.”
  • “Let’s welcome our friends from PETA!”
  • “My Daddy was a Shih Tzu man, but to me a Maltese is the better all around dog.”
  • “Hey, the new Cosmo is in!”
  • “Team Edward!”
  • “Toodles.”
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